• 8. July. 2016

    Progress of work on...

    <p>Construction is continuing on course, and individual sections can now clearly be ascertained – the café, gallery and workshop. Partnership with CEWE color, FOMEI and...
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  • 29. June. 2016

    Exhibition, The Best...

    On Wednesday 29 June, the exhibition, The Best of Czech Press Photo, opened for visitors at the Czech Centre in Berlin. Photographer, Milan Jaroš, was present at the official...
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  • 8. June. 2016

    Grant Prahy handed over

    <p>The CZECH PRESS PHOTO Grant Prahy series of photographs has been handed over by author, Hynek Glos, to mayor, Adriana Krnáčová</p>
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  • 30. May. 2016

    Support for the CPP...

    <p>This year, the Czech Press Photo contest and exhibition have once again received the patronage of Minister of Culture, Daniel Herman.</p>
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