About contest

The multi-genre Czech Photo Centre has been organising the prestigious Czech Press Photo journalism contest for over twenty years, which brings together the best Czech photographers, each year bringing visual testimony to events across the world. This year, we are launching a ‘sister’ contest – the new Czech Nature Photo contest through which we want to show wildlife and nature across the whole world as seen by Czech photographers.

What led to the founding of the contest?

‘When on the Czech Press Photo panel in previous years I often held photographs of wildlife in my hand, a field of photography I have been interested in for many years and in which I know how hard it is to get a good photo. I was often disappointed however, because it was usually photographs capturing problems, the destruction of the environment, contrasts between wildlife and encroaching civilisation, which won. This is how it should be in a journalism contest, however. And so I came up with the idea of holding a contest just for wildlife and nature photographers so that they could showcase the whole range of wonders of nature our planet has to offer us within a number of categories. And it seems that now is the right time to implement this vision,’ says Veronica Souralová, Czech Press Photo contest director and also head of the Czech Photo Centre of the Czech Nature Photo contest.

We are convinced of the necessity of looking after the countryside and nature. As such, we aim to do our utmost in the long-term to ensure people realise from childhood that they are a part of nature, that they can see its diversity yet fragility for themselves and create a strong positive relationship with it. Through photography, we want to convey the message that we are all responsible for nature and the countryside everywhere on this planet.

This is the first ever, pilot, year which marks the launch of a new contest, and as such the contest photos are not restricted by date made. Look through your archives and send us your best shots.

Prize winning pictures selected by the expert panel will be exhibited in the National Museum of Agriculture, where the awards ceremony will also take place.

It is up to you alone to decide which pictures will be in the contest.


  • 05. 4. 2017 – 14. 5. 2017: enter your photographs
  • 17. 5. 2017- 20. 5. 2017: panel meets, nominations for prizes announced
  • 17. 5. 2017- 20. 5. 2017: panel meets, nominations for prizes announced
  • September 2017: winners announced
  • Exhibition tour across Czech Republic

The exhibition is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, with the National Museum of Agriculture as joint organiser and Lesy ČR (Forests of the Czech Republic) and Olympus as main partners.